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Virginia District 13

Virginia AA District 13

This website exists for the sole purpose of serving the members of the District 13 Groups of Va Area 71 and carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic.
As such we are autonomous except in matters affecting other Districts or AA as a whole. The only official website of Alcoholics Anonymous is located at


In those matters affecting other districts or AA as a whole we strive to follow General Service Website Guidelines.

Some information on this site may be copyrighted by AA World Services and credit is given where needed or material is provided by direct links to their site.

District 13 Monthly Meeting

We meet the third Saturday of every month.

We are currently meeting in a in-person and zoom hybrid format at 1 PM EST. 

In-person location:

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,

405 W Main St , Wytheville, VA

Zoom information:

Click here for the meeting link.

Meeting ID: 812 7990 0525

To dial in by phone: 301 715 8592

Meeting ID: 812 7990 0525

Email for the passcodes. 

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